Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my songs

currently im addicted to these songs.difficulty and horrible things that happened to my life,life is not that easy like i tot.

  • silverchair-i miss you love
  • the last goodnight-pictures of you
  • beautiful-akon
  • dead and gone-ti featuring justin timberlake
  • faber drive-im with you
  • element-bukan orang suci

Monday, April 20, 2009

dedicate to you!

This is the clock upon the wall
This is the story of us all
This is the first sound of a newborn child,
Before he starts to crawl
This is the war that's never won
This is a soldier and his gun
This is the mother waiting by the phone,
Praying for her son

Pictures of you, pictures of me Hung upon your wall for the world to see Pictures of you, pictures of me Remind us all of what we used to be

There is a drug that cures it all
Blocked by the governmental wall
We are the scientists inside the lab,
Just waiting for the call
This earthquake weather has got me shaking inside
I'm high up and dry

Confess to me, every secret moment
Every stolen promise you believed
Confess to me, all that lies between us
All that lies between you and me

We are the boxers in the ring
We are the bells that never sing
There is a title we can't win no matter
How hard we might swing

Pictures of you, pictures of me
Hung upon your wall for the world to see
Pictures of you, pictures of me
Remind us all of what we could have been

Sunday, April 19, 2009

happy birthday si budak kecik

dua puluhan!! "20th"

what can i say bout it,it was FANTASTIC!

family,even jauh and ida je with me,ida being such a superb sis okie,i loved you guys n i miss you guys badly~nenek,ayah,ma,abg,ida,wan,belly and blacky:)

housemate,you guys are my si pelangi hati:)

and you aizat ishraff,always be my heartbeat

you guys totally everything to me and how much i appreciate you guys in my life.

i do lovey and loving you

and my bestie,babe thanks for the call and tggu for 12am dublin just to wish me,i love you tesangat n da terlebeh nie,you know i love you,xoxo

and heartbeat; 5 days in the row,aww,so sweet of you

3 means i love you kan b,hoho,you know i love you too

and friends who are wished,thanks for the wish,terharu and appreciate sangat!

house aka my pelangi hidup :)
thank you so much sis ida,i loved you...

thanks guys,i loved you,hope my 20th,will be better year for me n wish me luck for my coming final and dapat scholar mara,amin:)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


shidan,nad,pokmang,thanks a bill guys,love you!
next time,more n more.
giant causeway

giant causeway

pokmang beshh:)
guitar hero,wow:P

sweet escape,thanks kekasih,i love you and i bet you know that.


syadix,feeza,ajim.i miss you guys badly,no lie:(
besties,dearie dearie.i miss you so much.being here is not dat easy.babe,i really miss you guys.totally.i love you guys.totally!:).
things that we did together, i miss you.
yup yup,new here!x de follower pon,gler kesian.hahaha.i do upgrade sket my blog nie.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hye hye you guys!totally im new here!just wanna update myself so that my besties,friend and the one who waiting for me to pulang to tanah air yup yup,im super duper excited bout dat.guys,i miss you totally!i cant wait okie,obviously 30th june 2009 will be arrive at klia.

and and and surely i do spend my time wisely,makan dgn sepenuh hati and have fun totally with all all teh girlfriends and boyfriends.

what heading me next is,my brother's wedding which is on 26 july 2009.everyone plsss,biru okie.hehe,obviously close friends,biru okie,if not,korang mmg la..hampeh btol!

guys guys,looking forward for dis coming june.take care,and surely will write more more and more!mwahh hugs and kisses!